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2022 - Show dates for 'Home'

3th of April: Varilhes, Ariège pour l'Ariège Tour

10th of July: Martrin, Aveyron

24th of July: Montbrun-Bocage, Haute-Garonne avec la Roulott'Spectacles

27th of July: St Lizier, Ariège avec la Roulott'Spectacles

3th of August: Montbel, Ariège avec la Roulott'Spectacles

8th of  August: Massat, Ariège avec la Roulott'Spectacles

17th, 18th, 19th and 20th of August: Festival d'Aurillac, Cantal PASTILLE 42, at 9.45 PM

13th of October: Centre culturel de Saverdun, Ariège

Summer - Autumn 2021 - Show 'Home'

18th of July- Maffé, Ventenac, Ariège - Tournée Roulott'Spectacles (France)

20th of July- Saverdun, Ariège - Tournée Roulott'Spectacles (France)

2nd of August - Foix, Ariège - Tournée Roulott'Spectacles (France)

12th, 13th, 14th of  August- Festival d'Aurillac (France) - canceled

21st of August - Bois de la Logette, Concots, Lot  (France) - canceled

29th of August - Martrin, Aveyron (France) - canceled

25th of September - Ferme de Vernou, Ariège (France)

9th of October - Le Cairn Agya, Colomiers, 31 (France)

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