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SOLO, outdoor and indoor, silent, for all ages, 45 mins


What is 'Home' in its intimacy ?


'Home' is the sailing boat for the sailor out at sea.


A yurt is like a ship that takes you on a journey, bravely facing storms and still waters alike.


A yurt is a roof above one's head, the premise to a home, a fixed point from which to explore the world...

Bamboo,a natural, noble, flexible et solid element ...


The human body is both strong and vulnerable, filled with emotions, unpredictable gestures and daily routines...


I propose the encounter of the body and the bamboo,


they tease each other,

they discover each other,

they create new spaces.


My dwelling you shall be and I, a roof over your head,

I will take care of you, your heartache I will nurse,

I shall dress you, Hide you, I shall...

About the show

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