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It all started in this very room. My first physical theatre experiences were here, with Bim Mason. I also discovered the subtle art of circus skills, it was a beautiful awakening... Circomedia was the school. The beginning of the journey. I fell asleep on the wire and embarked upon a dream...


Belfast circus school was next, I learnt about sharing, sharing knowledge, sharing dreams, and had wonderful opportunities to create original work...

I became thirsty for more, for unknown territories, my thirst guided me to Brussels. Mime, mask, tragedy, clowning, a journey through the exploration of the body's potential, and developing a specific type of vision, judging without judging, always at the service of the bigger picture... thank you Lassaâd.


I lost my way on a street corner, somewhere in the capital, the compass broke. I followed other directions, I wanted to see the other worlds those paths not considered 'artistic'. I discovered art everywhere I went.


But time flies, and soon it is already later.

Say ? How do you say moon rocket in Japanese ?

'Tsuki Rocketto!'

I laughed and the compass was found again.

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